Want to know more about us? The ALI at SDSU has an extensive online presence. Take a look at the list below and discover us on your favorite social media site.

Social Media Sites

ALI on Facebook Facebook — Like our Facebook page for photos, videos and updates; information on housing, events and activities; and connect with current and former students. facebook.com/ali.sdsu

ALI on Twitter Twitter — Follow our daily tweets, as we build this social platform to better connect with students. twitter.com/ali_sdsu

ALI on Instagram Instagram — Follow us on Instagram and see what's happening on campus and in San Diego. instagram.com/alisdsu

Read the ALI Blog ALI Blog — Read about staff, instructors, students, San Diego events, ALI events, neighborhoods and main campus news. aliblog.sdsu.edu/

ALI on YouTube YouTube — Spend time watching videos to learn more about the ALI, and watch student video productions. Videos are posted weekly. youtube.com/SDSUamericanlanguage

ALI on Pinterest Pinterest — Visit our Pinterest page and view our image collections.pinterest.com/alisdsu

Facebook Photo Gallery Photo Gallery — Browse through photos of SDSU, the ALI students, food, sports, events, and the San Diego area.

ALI on EduFindme EduFindme — Discover more about the ALI at SDSU, connect with other students, and even watch a few videos. edufindme.com/ali.sdsu

ALI on Weibo Weibo — Read updates and explore what students are saying about the ALI, student life, San Diego, and classes. weibo.com/alisdsu

Chat with Us

Chat Live with ALI Live Chat — Chat with us live via our website (bottom right corner of every page)

ALI on Skype Skype — Chat with using Skype, ID: sdsuamericanlanguageinstitute

Connect with ALI on QQ QQ — Chat with us on QQ, ID: 1664284234