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This program is designed for students and professionals at all levels who want to develop and improve their practical English skills with ESL classes to learn English. The Intensive English for Communication (IEC) program is focused on speaking and listening, and students also spend time on grammar, reading, and writing. IEC provides students in ESL classes the opportunity to practice their skills with teachers, American students, and classroom facilitators. Flexible start dates and lengths of stay are available.

Intensive English for Communication (IEC), ESL and Learn English

Program Highlights

  • Interaction with Native Speakers 

    IEC students have the opportunity to learn English and practice their English speaking and listening skills and to improve their knowledge of American culture by interacting with native speakers. The ALI's Student Life Office also helps international students make contact with SDSU students and other English speakers outside the classroom. Events include conversation groups and game nights with native speakers twice per month, and volunteer activities around San Diego every month.

  • Intramural Sports*

    Students can practice social conversations while playing team sports.

Testing and Placement

The IEC program offers instruction in all levels of English, from beginning to advanced. Students are given individual speaking tests and written tests that assess their level in grammar, reading, writing, and listening. Students are then placed in appropriate classes for their level.

Flexible Start Dates

New IEC students may begin their studies after the term begins on any of our published flex entry dates for four weeks or longer. Students may extend their stay into the next session for a minimum of four weeks into that session. Please see the calendar and fees for entry dates.

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Intensive English for Communication

Number of weeks

4 or more

Hours of instruction

23+ per week, 12–15 per week for part-time students


Prior instruction in English

Number of levels


Also included

Full-time students have access to a variety of electives*, pronunciation clinics, sports* and conversation clubs, language and computer labs, personalized student counseling, and academic advising.

Dates and Costs

See Calendar & Fees

Full-time Program Curriculum

  • Oral Communication Classes

    Students receive eight hours per week of instruction in Oral Communications (OC) classes, aimed at improving fluency, listening comprehension, spoken grammar, and pronunciation, as well as developing confidence in spoken English skills for situations such as business, travel, and social interaction.

  • Listening, Grammar, Reading, and Writing*

    Students take 12 hours of courses in listening comprehension, grammar, reading, and writing that develop communicative English skills used in professional, social, and practical situations.

  • Speaking Skills

    Students in Oral Communications classes interact with instructors and with assistant teachers to improve their speaking skills and help to promote intercultural understanding.

  • Optional Business Classes*

    Intermediate and advanced students who want to improve their knowledge of business concepts, vocabulary, and idioms can choose to follow a business track leading to a International Business English Certificate. Class choices may include Business Discussions, Business Readings, and Business Through Video. Classes would include specialized reading and listening classes.

  • Customized Schedules

    Advanced students have the opportunity to customize their schedule by choosing Oral Communications Advanced Seminar classes, which focus on a variety of English skills and interests.

  • Program Electives

    Elective courses are offered each semester to further support test-taking skills, improve language proficiency, and increase knowledge of U.S. culture. Courses vary by session and placement level. Friday electives are offered to part-time students on a space available basis only.

    Popular electives include:

    • Accent Improvement
    • American Idioms and Slang
    • English Through Dance
    • English Through Sports
    • Understanding American Film
    • Internet-Based TOEFL Prep
    • TOEIC Prep
    • Mysteries of Spelling
    • Introduction to Surfing
    • 18-24 electives available each semester

Sample Schedule








Oral Communications

Oral Communications

Oral Communications

Oral Communications

Elective 1*


Grammar for Communication

Writing for Communication

Grammar for Communication

Writing for Communication

Elective 2*



Reading for Communication

Listening for Communication

Reading for Communication

Listening for Communication



Pronunciation Clinic

In addition to daily speaking classes and pronunciation electives, the ALI offers students in ESL classes free personalized articulation and accent modification using specialized software, customized lab activities, and teacher-created materials.

*Not available for students in the part-time (morning) program.