The International Business English (IBE) certificate program is designed for students with intermediate to advanced English-language proficiency and a high level of commitment. This certificate course is for students and professionals interested in learning more about American business practices as they relate to business around the world.

Participants have the opportunity to follow one of three tracks depending on their length of stay. Students who successfully complete a session (eight weeks in fall and spring, six weeks in summer) receive a IBE Certificate of Recognition. Those who successfully complete a term (two sessions) earn a IBE Certificate of Achievement. Students who enroll for a period shorter than a session are eligible for an IEC certificate with specialization in business English.

Program Highlights

  • Learn from Excellent Faculty – Most instructors hold advanced degrees and have experience in both business and language instruction.
  • Interact with International Business Students – Students in the program have the opportunity to take classes with people from all around the world who are interested in business.
  • Observe University Courses – High-intermediate and advanced students receive assistance in arranging observations of university courses, with permission from an SDSU professor.
  • TOEFL Not Required – Students are tested on site. Those placing in intermediate to advanced levels are eligible for the International Business English (IBE) certificate program.
  • Meet Native Speakers through Networking Opportunities and SDSU Business Club Involvement – Students have the opportunity to network with San Diego professionals and SDSU business students through participation in meetings, business club events and mixers.
  • Experience High-Profile San Diego Businesses – Field trips to prominent local businesses will be offered. Field trips vary by session.
  • Benefit from Career Advice Given by Corporate Executives – Students have the option to attend speaker sessions and presentations. Topics and speakers vary by session

Testing and Placement

The International Business English program offers instruction for students with intermediate to advanced levels of English. A minimum TOEIC score of 500, TOEFL iBT of 55, or IELTS score of 5.0 will guarantee admission to this program. Those without test scores will test upon arrival. Students that do not have an intermediate level of English will be placed in the IEC program.

Non-Certificate, Short-Term Option

New IBE students may begin their studies after the term begins on any of the published flex-entry dates for four weeks or longer. Students who enroll for a period shorter than a session will receive recognition in business English. To be eligible for a IBE certificate, students entering on a flex-entry date must enroll in the next complete IBE session.

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International Business English (IBE)

Number of weeks

6+ summer, 8+ fall or spring

Hours of instruction

23+ per week


Intermediate to advanced English language proficiency. A minimum TOEIC score of 500, TOEFL iBT of 55, or IELTS score of 5.0 will guarantee admission to this program.

Number of levels


Also included

All students have access to electives, pronunciation clinics, sports facilities, conversation groups, language and computer labs, student advising, the SDSU library, and academic advising.


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  • Class Structure – Classes are structured to improve business knowledge, practical English and communication skills while focusing on American and international business practices and theories.
  • Core Classes – In addition to English classes, students enroll in four or more business classes. Choices vary by session and placement level. Classes include: Business Communication, Business Reading, Business Writing, and Business Video.
  • Elective Classes – Students are required to take at least one business elective class. Topics include: Business Slang Vocabulary, Business Correspondence, Multimedia, and American Business Profile.
  • Seminars and Workshops – Topics include career tips and advice, networking and interview techniques, and more.
  • Portfolio – Students are encouraged to assemble a portfolio throughout the program. The portfolio should include work completed in approved classes and workshops.
  • IBE Project Creation – Students can customize their experience through completion of a IBE project. Options include: observing SDSU classes, researching businesses, interviewing business professionals, recording life and business experiences, and more.
  • Program Electives – Elective courses are offered each semester to further support test-taking skills, to improve language proficiency, and to increase knowledge of U.S. culture. Courses vary by session and placement level. Popular electives include:

    • Business Writing
    • Biz Talk
    • Profiles in Business
    • TOEIC Business Idioms
    • American Accent Improvement
    • So-Cal Companies
    • Tactics for TOEIC
    • Internet-based TOEFL Preparation
    • Advanced Grammar

Sample Schedule








Introduction to Business

Talking About Business

Introduction to Business

Talking About Business

Elective 1



Writing for Communication


Writing for Communication

Elective 2


Late Morning

Business Reading

Listening for Communication

Business Reading

Listening for Communication



Additional English-Language Support

In addition to daily speaking classes, the ALI offers students language support outside of the regular class schedule:

  • Pronunciation Clinic
  • Grammar Lab
  • Homework Help Lab