The ALI can help students select and apply to a U.S. college or university through the English for Academic Purposes program and our University Advising Services.

Current EAP students can receive assistance with:

  • The college/university application process (deadlines, admission requirements, application materials, etc.)
  • The ALI TOEFL waiver process
  • Conditional Admission to SDSU

Academic Advising
After arrival, students have the opportunity to meet with an advisor who will help them select universities or colleges appropriate to their field of interest and academic background.

TOEFL Waivers
Undergraduate students are eligible to receive a TOEFL waiver to SDSU if they meet the following requirements while in the English for Academic Purposes program:

  • Complete Level 106 with a minimum GPA of 3.0 overall with no grade under 2.7 in all graded classes,
  • Earn a grade of Credit (CR) in all Credit/No Credit classes including Friday Electives,
  • Complete Writing Level E or higher with a minimum grade of 2.7,
  • Take and pass the TOEFL Waiver Class with a grade of Credit (CR), and
  • Maintain 80% attendance.

Students who wish to apply for a graduate program at SDSU may be eligible for a TOEFL waiver. To receive a TOEFL waiver, pre-graduate students must meet the same requirements as undergraduates but are not required to take the TOEFL Waiver Class.

Pre-MBA/Pre-Master's Program students should contact the Mariko Poupard for more information about TOEFL waiver requirements.

Students applying to selected local community colleges may be eligible to receive a TOEFL waiver after completing advanced ALI levels.

Conditional Admission
Undergraduate Conditional Admission to San Diego State University is for qualified prospective ALI students who want to attend SDSU to earn an undergraduate degree but do not meet the SDSU English language proficiency requirement. To qualify, the applicant must have no previous university course work and have a minimum 3.0 GPA. The SAT or ACT is required only of students transferring from U.S. high schools or U.S. accredited high schools overseas.

For any additional questions, please contact Johanna Gleason.