Official Refund/Withdrawal Policy

Occasionally, a student who is enrolled in the American Language Institute, College of Extended Studies, finds it necessary to withdraw from the program before his/her period of study is completed. Some acceptable reasons for withdrawal are: serious personal or family illness, severe financial difficulties which developed during enrollment in the program, visa problems, or a requirement by the government of sponsoring agency to return home. All of these reasons must be substantiated, in writing, by a recognized physician, a bank or immigration officer, or the sponsor, depending on the reason for withdrawal. In any of the above cases, the withdrawal procedure is as follows:

  1. Obtain a withdrawal form from the ALI office.
  2. Complete the form.
  3. Attach written verification of the reason for withdrawal
  4. Return the completed form to the Program Director.

Tuition refunds will be granted only in cases where the withdrawal procedure has been satisfactorily completed. All withdrawals are subject to $75 fee. The refunds will be computed according to the following guidelines. In addition, please note that the ALI application fee is non-refundable and tuition payment is non-transferable.

A. Programs with a duration of eight (8) or more weeks (as indicated by your I-20)*

  • If a notice of intention to cancel is received and acknowledged by the ALI prior to the first day of the session, the student will be refunded 100% of the tuition minus a $75 administration fee.
  • If withdrawal forms are received after the first day of the session and before 10% of class time completed from student's start date, the student will be refunded 50% of tuition minus a $75 administration fee.
  • After 10% of the session has been completed from student's start date, no refund is granted.

B. Programs with a duration of seven (7) or fewer weeks
No refunds will be granted.

C. Late Arrivals
Students who are given special permission to begin the term late are subject to the same policy. The policy is in effect from student's first day of term (as indicated by your I-20)*

D. Dismissal
A student can be dismissed at any time during the term if she/he has an attendance problem, behavior problem, does not work up to the high standards of the Institute or does not pay tuition and fees. If it is deemed necessary to dismiss a student, no refund is granted. The withdrawal policy does not apply in this case.

All questions regarding withdrawal should be addressed to the student advisor or to the coordinator of the program in which the student is enrolled.

*If your I-20 indicates you enrolled for both IEC Full Term (IEC Sessions A and B), then under our refund policy this is considered a single program.

Privacy Rights of Students in Education Records

You have the right:

  • to inspect and review your records,
  • to request inaccurate or misleading information be amended,
  • to restrict disclosures of information about you (except as provided by law),
  • to file a complaint if we violate your rights, and
  • to obtain a copy of our Student Records Policy.

Copies of these policies and procedures may be obtained through the SDSU Office of
the Registrar's Web site

SDSU Nondiscrimination Policy

In accordance with Title IX, San Diego State University prohibits discrimination, harassment and retaliation on the basis of sex, gender, or sexual orientation, including sexual harassment and violence. For more information regarding Title IX, Sexual Violence Prevention and Education, and the University's complaint procedures, please visit the SDSU Nondiscrimination Policy page.

Smoking Policy

San Diego State University is a smoke and tobacco free campus. For more information visit