Students attending the ALI have countless opportunities to connect with experiences on the SDSU campus and throughout the welcoming community of San Diego.

A large part of a students ESL experience takes place outside of the classroom. The ALI places a high priority on providing students opportunities to practice English and experience American culture through Life at SDSU, organized activities and trips, and volunteer work.

During the academic year, students may participate in SDSU campus life through SDSU conversation partners, student clubs and organizations, sports events, music and dance performances, and International Student Center events.

The ALI also offers organized activities and trips to popular tourist attractions in San Diego and throughout Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona.

ALI students may additionally practice their English through volunteering in San Diego. The ALI organizes group volunteer activities throughout the year and also assists students in finding individual volunteer opportunities.

ALI students should visit the Student Life Office for assistance with getting involved in the SDSU and San Diego communities beyond the classroom.